Spring is one of my favorite seasons to shoot weddings.  It is great news since it’s also one of the most popular times of year to have a wedding.  As a Boston wedding photographer, I know that as the snow begins to melt my camera is about to get a serious workout.

Are you planning your wedding for spring 2018?  Stressed out about 2018 bridal gown trends?  Need to know what the hottest wedding colors for spring 2018 are?

I’ve got your back.

Here’s what I’ve found are some of the hottest bridal gown and wedding color trends to look out for in 2018.


Hot 2018 Bridal Gown Trends!



Trend #1. Confident and classic.

Minimalism is totally in this coming spring.  Gowns with surprising details are even hotter (think pockets or a large statement bow).  Less is more is definitely the case here.  Small elements make big statement!  This is one of my favorite wedding concept, from wedding dress to reception table setting. 


Trend #2. Non-traditional.

2018 is the year of the non-traditional bride.  Pants and Jacket?  Yup, urban bridal look along with industrial wedding venue.  Maybe black wedding dress is not most brides’ choice.  But adding a little black detail is the trend for the modern and edgy look to your 2018 wedding dress.


Trend #3. Cape.  Really?  It reminds me princess Leia.  Maybe it’s designed for the brides have runway model’s body.  I dont’ know how many real brides will have their eyes on it.  At least it’s not my cup of tea.


Trend #4. Glamour.  It doesn’t matter what generation you were in or you are in,  this is alway in trend, not just 2018.  Extensive details with sheer fabric, lace, beads, jewels and feathers on the gowns makes you glowing on your wedding day.  Berta holds big part of my heart!  In my opinion, it has both glamorous and elegance in each design.


Trend #4. Re-wearable gowns.

Gone are the days of one-time gowns. That means you’ll have a ton of dresses to choose from that you can wear a second or even third time.  I am a very realistic person.  I love this idea!

Top Picks for Spring Wedding Color 2018


I briefly mentioned colors among the bridal gown trends we’re seeing for 2018, but color is also a guiding factor for spring wedding style.  So if you can’t figure out what wedding color for spring 2018 is right for you.  Here’s a few suggestions to get you started.

– Swap out gold, rose gold, and brass for silver and chrome this year.  With 1970 home décor coming back in style, it’s no surprise that silver and chrome are making a big comeback along with it.  This is not just for dećor only.  You may surprisingly see how much the wedding gown color has been shifted fully or partially from traditional white, ivory to champagne, sliver, light gray and blush. 

-Spring-friendly lavender & lilac.  As the weather starts to warm flowers and herbs start to spring out of the ground.  That means that colors like lavender and lilac are a great option for your springtime wedding.

-Wine Red and Peach. Soft peach with rich wine red is the perfect spring combination and also happens to be a hot new trend.  Use it for your flowers and décor and maybe even your bridesmaid dresses.

There you have it, the 2018 bridal gown trends, and top picks for wedding colors for spring 2018.  However, I feel that the trend is set by the wedding creatives, especially the fashion designers.  Not every trend fits into your style and budget.  Not every bride would like to follow the trend.  Whatever style and colors make your heart desires and falls in love with, that is your perfect trend!

And if you’re planning a wedding this spring, I’d love to be your wedding photographer.  Shoot me an email or phone call so we can chat about your wedding.


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