3 Different Types of Wedding Coordination Service

February 27, 2019


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3 Types of Wedding Coordination Service – Bring in the Big Guns 


It’s time to find a wedding coordinator for your big day?  

Wedding day is coming, and the jitters are setting in. Not only it’s one of the most important days of your life, but it’s a truly herculean effort.

Many venues have a venue coordinator who helps to ensure every last stitch is stitched.  And every last detail is delivered to perfection at the venue. But, is that really enough?  What if you are planning your own wedding and want to have more creative control of your wedding, from designs, vendors to dinner and music?

For those couples who want to see their own vision come to life with budget friendly option, I must recommend a day-of wedding coordinator service.


Day-Of Coordinator for Your Wedding Day

Having a Day Of Coordinator is a growing trend in weddings. The day of wedding coordinator is the person that executes all of the details of the perfect wedding including but not limited to the music, flower delivery, the ceremony, and transportation that all fall under the responsibilities of the Day-Of Wedding Coordinator. But why is it so important to have a Day Of Coordinator? 

Let’s start with this question.  What’s the differences between these three wedding planning services?


The differences make all the difference – 3 Types of Wedding Coordination Service



The Venue Coordinator

Venue coordinators work specifically for the venue you book for your wedding. They work to keep the kitchen and catering on time, and will sometimes set up the flower arrangements. They are your go-to person for everything that is the responsibility of the venue.  Price?  It’s party of your venue service.  So yes, you could say it’s free.


Full Service Wedding Planner

Full Service wedding planners help connecting you to all the vendors needed to create your perfect wedding day. They choose the vendors, find the best venue for your wedding ceremony and reception, and procure the right transportation company for your entourage.  They usually worked with many local vendors in their past experience.  So as long as you let your planner know what’s the vibe you are going for,  they will find the right vendors for your wedding day.  

The wedding planner is someone who is with you from start to finish.  They often bring years of expertise into the overall vision for the wedding as long as he or she understand what’s the vibe you are going for.  This means they typically plan the entirety of the wedding, with your guidance.   Price:  $5,000 – 10,000


Day of Coordinator

For you, the couples who want to pick and choose your own wedding vendors and design your own wedding theme and all wedding details, the day-of coordinator is a guide to help you realize your own vision.

You will be responsible for all wedding planning process.  However a day of coordinator is the person on the ground who commands on your wedding day.  The flower and cake vendors will be called hours ahead to ensure they deliver on time and as other necessary deliveries.   

As of from a wedding photographer’s perspective, this is my favorite part of their job!  The coordinators get you where you need to be on time. They are the traffic controller, the on-site therapist, and the person who ensures your wedding is perfect and enjoyable. 

I have seen so many brides lost track of time during getting ready, getting hair and makeup done etc.  Everyone is trying to get ready and be able to enjoy this amazing experience and have some fun.  Most of them were rushing at end because they were having too much fun.  Is that good or bad?  Good for enjoying the special occasions.  Bad for no one was there to keep remind them the time.  I would if I was there, but not always.  I could be taking photos of reception details and aways from the ladies.  So having a day of coordinator is huge win for brides.

Oftentimes they also facilitate rehearsals. This is crucial because they bring experience into fixing any issues there might be for the day of the wedding.

In short, the day-of coordinator is the person who takes your particular vision for the wedding of your dreams and makes it happen.  Price: starting around $1,500, a more budget friendly option, right?


Both full planning and a day of coordination service are offered by many wedding planners.  Some of them offer partial planning as well.  Be sure to ask all services they offer.


What makes a great day-of coordinator?

The most important quality in a day-of wedding coordinator is the ability to communicate and pay attention to details. They are your personal assistant on your wedding day basically.  Your day-of coordinator is there to create an overall plan that they take over when wedding day arrives.  You will be taken care of and they will pay more attention to you and your groom on more personal level.  Don’t you just love that on your wedding day?  

The true value of a day-of wedding coordinator is this – you are able to feel like a guest at your own wedding!  On wedding day, All deliveries will be confirmed from your vendors, and ensured the venues are ready to host. You will be able to enjoy all the work you’ve put into the perfect wedding with an experienced professional behind you. 

So be sure to find the right coordinator for your wedding!  Meet and chat with them.  Most importantly, get their personality to see if both are good fit for each other!


When should you contact a day-of coordinator?

It varies with each couple’s specific circumstances. Some couples reach out a few months in advance because most of the planning is already done.  But, as day-of coordinators are a growing trend, demand for their services is increasing. That means reaching out as soon as possible is crucial. This will ensure you can secure your preferred pick for the best day-of coordinator.


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