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Indian Catholic Avenir wedding Walpole, MA



N & J had a beautiful and unique ballroom Indian Catholic wedding at Avenir wedding venue in Walpole, MA, one of the Saphire Group wedding venue.  It was full of joy, cheering, dancing and energy.


When there’s mutilcultural wedding, the couple always try to embrace both cultures.  I grew up watching Indian movies in China.  I remember all the dancing, singing and upbeat music that make you want to move along like Happy Feet.  I was so excited to see a real Indian wedding in person.  And I knew it will be epic and festive as I expected.





This couple had their ceremony at Holy Name Parish in West Roxbury, MA.  It was one of the most magnificent church I’ve ever seen.  Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University is a great place for portraits after ceremony.  However, be aware.  The parking is not easy unless you have a party bus to drop off and pick up everyone.



bridal party in Indian outfit photos at The Arnold Arboretum for Avenir wedding, Walpol, MA  bridal party photos in Indian outfit at The Arnold Arboretum before Avenir wedding, Walpol, MA bride and groom photos at Avenir wedding Walpole, MA bride and groom taking a walk at The Arnold Arboretum before Avenir wedding reception Walpole, MA



Indian Dance at Avenir Wedding – Special Performance From the Bride to the Groom

The reception was full of excitement from very beginning.  N & J couldn’t wait to change to the traditional Indian outfit right after the cake cutting.  From there, the energy went through the roof.  The bride had prepared a special Indian dance with her cousins for the groom.  The music started.  Everyone realized what’s going on.  They started cheering, clapping, video tapping because no one wants to miss every moment of it!  I couldn’t stop clicking my camera because I wanted to capture every perfect dance moves! LOL….  It was just so perfect!



bride and groom first dance at Avenir wedding Walpole, MA bride and groom cake cutting photo at Avenir wedding Walpole, MA wedding photographer bride and groom in Indian outfit dancing at Avenir wedding Walpole, MA bride and groom dancing in Indian outfit at Avenir wedding Walpole, MA special dance from bride to the groom at Avenir wedding Walpole, MA special Indian dance performance from the bride and bridesmaids at Avenir wedding Walpole, MA


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