I have so many great beach engagement session locations to share with you. I have done many many beach engagement sessions throughout summer and fall.  Beach engagement session is my absolutely favorite.

Ironically as a Boston wedding photographer I am not a winter person.  I have not done many winter engagement sessions yet because the brutal cold breeze will give me headaches for days. That’s why I alway try to get engagement sessions done during my favorite warmer seasons, literally any seasons but winter.  I have photographed beach engagement sessions in MA, NH, ME and CT.  Since I’m located in MA, here are some of my favorite beaches in MA.

Top 3 Romantic Beach Engagement Session Locations in MA.


1. Wingaersheek Beach – Gloucester, MA

beach engagement sessions at Wingaersheek beach

Wingaersheek beach is the very first beach I’ve ever photographed beach engagement session on Northshore of Boston.  I knew this beach since my daughters were younger.  It’s known for its shallow and clear calm water.  It has beautiful seagrass sand dunes before you enter the main beach.  My favorite spot is near these rocky area.  It has the tropical island vibe.  See more from this Wingaersheek beach engagement session.


2. Crane Beach – Ipswich, MA

beach engagement sessions during sunset at Crane beach

Not too far from Wingaershee, there’s Crane beach.  It is one of the best beach engagement session location with versatility.  You can have silver sandy beach with seagrass.  You can see the majestic Crane Estate standing high on the top of the hill blending with gorgeous sunset.  It also offers some trails arounds the beach.  You can plan your trip with a tour at the Crane mansion and admire Tuscan influenced architecture before you start your beach engagement session.  See more photos from this Crane Beach Session.


3. Duxbury Beach – Duxbury, MA

sunset Duxbury beach engagement sessions in Duxbury, MA

Duxbury beach is located in South not too far from Boston.  It is one of  location I’ve photographed beach engagement session this summer.  Honestly it is my new favorite beach in MA.  I love a beach with a bay area.  Do you know why?  Since we are located on East Coast, we can’t get sunset behind the water on most of beaches.  If there’s a bay area behind the beach, most likely we can get sunset behind you duirng your beach engagement session.  However, that doesn’t necessary mean you have gorgeous sunset and the beach water all together.  In most cases are some water, sea grass and maybe beach houses.

But Duxbury beach has an open beautiful bay area with large body of water right after you cross the bridge.  It look like more than just a typical bay behind a beach.

I’ve heard that Duxbury has certain open days for harvesting clams.  It’s perfect for the couples who love to go with the flow and like to incorporate some fun and playful  engagement  photos.  See more images from this electrifying Duxbury Beach Session.