Jessica and Jesse’s Charles River Museum wedding paid homage to the venue’s aesthetic.   Located in Waltham, MA, the Charles River Museum of  Industry is America’s very first factory. Today, it’s a popular wedding venue for couples who enjoy to begin their history.

Plus, this lucky couple designed almost every detail of this DIY wedding celebration.  However, this never is to state it wasn’t a magnificent event. Jessica and also Jesse brought ingenuity as well as creativity right into every detail of their wedding celebration at Charles River Museum.


Charles River Museum Wedding – Unique Wedding Venue

As a professional Boston wedding photographer, party of my job to catch all the fascinating information about wedding venues.

Charles River Museum is a location locked in the past. The old time industrial feeling still remains with aged brick and dark brown hardwood floorings.

The reception room also served as ceremony site.  It has a simple framed light fixture. Straight and clear dimensions made for some excellent perspective shots.

Likewise, this wedding at Charles River Museum offers many large factory-style windows allowed incredible natural illumination. This enabled the finer details of Jessica as well as Jesse’s wedding celebration to shine through at their Charles River Museum wedding.

Lastly, the cocktail party took place in a room filled with historical antiques. It’s as if the wedding party showed up overdressed for their 19th-century factory shift.

Charcoal, purple, and gray with soft red-pink accents created a down-tempo, industrial aesthetic. Mason jar wedding favors rested at every seat.  And a blossom arrangement embellished with a black spiral iron fixture.  The presentation was respectful to the character of  this historic wedding venue. Jessica and Jesse’s wedding preserved the Charles River Museum’s industrial scheme.


Tasteful Displays of Passion at Charles River Museum Wedding

Jessica and Jesse took imaginative liberties with their wedding celebration. Following the industrial vein, the men all wore boutonniere designed with gears with touch of floral.  Jesse and his dad brought back an antique Chevrolet truck to serve as a prop for wedding portraits.  I guess his passion for automobile helped the decision of choosing a Charles River Museum wedding.

However it does not quit there. One point to note about Jessica and Jesse is their common love for comics. So much so is their common love, Jessica also wore comic-themed high-heels which she decorated by herself!  It added even more personal touch to this unique wedding at Charles River Museum.

I truly love what I do as a wedding photographer.  I love to capture all the authentic moments of bride and groom on their wedding day.  At same time, I enjoy being creative and making something special and unique for the couple, either its’ a ring shot or a epic portrait.

However, wedding photography is not just about capturing bride and groom.  It’s also about capturing the family and friends.  The ones who help them celebrating their life time event together.  Every laugh, every tear, every hug and kiss fill the happiness in the air.  The father daughter dance at this Charles River Museum wedding was very sweet and emotional, including their first look before the ceremony.  And they were documented forever.

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