Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH



Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH


What can I say about this Echo Lake engagement session?  Epic! Fun! Adventurous!  Since I had my first White Mountains engagement session in NH, I really felt in love with it – engagement session in true nature.  Katie and Zac are a very active couple who constantly drive their truck around with their canoe, their handsome and photogenic Spyder ( their dog) and explore in nature.  When I had consultation with Katie and Zac, it was very clear that they were a perfect couple for this Echo Lake engagement session mission.  And I was right and it was more than what I expected.

We decided to have a sunrise Echo Lake engagement session while it has less visitors.  I was so excited to get up so early and got ready for it.  Katie & Zac were rowing their canoe in beautiful golden reflection in Echo Lake.  The  fresh morning air and spread of golden sun rays were perfect combination for tranquility.  Spyder had a ride on the canoe.  He was so used to it because he is the best travel companion for this adventurous couple.  And he is a pro model.  What a handsome boy.

Shortly after they landed on a small sandy beach, here came the best part of this summer Echo Lake engagement session.  They jumped into the water.  Nice and refreshing for a summer morning.  They splashed the water.  They ran and dove. They were so affectionate towards each other.  They were so fun and spontaneous.  It was hard not to capture so many beautiful images with laughter and emotions.

As much as I didn’t want this fun experience to end.  We headed to a nearby scenery view point where Katie and Zac had witnessed magnificent sunset the night before and we ended this truly unique Echo Lake engagement session with a perfect dot.

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Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH
Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH
Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH
Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH


How did you meet

Zach and I met at a mutual friends birthday party in August 2018. Our friend got a pontoon boat and we were all going to camp out on farm island on Moosehead Lake. I had heard about Zach but we never actually met till that weekend. We went fishing and cleaned and cooked the fish together. We watched a thunderstorm roll in and got to see the lightning over Mt.Kineo safely from our camp. The next day we boated over to kino and hung out on pebble beach. We jumped off the cliffs into the water together. It was fun and we exchanged numbers afterward.


Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH



What do you love about each other

We love the fact that we are both outdoorsy and will go fishing, hiking, canoeing, camping and skiing together! Our passion for everything outdoors is what drives us! Katie loves that Zach is motivated and is so proud of him branching off to open his own business. We both want a family, and to settle down somewhere in Maine. We think family is so important, and love that we can spend time with each others familys. We play games and love animals. Katie is even starting to catch the ski bug .


Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH


How did he proposed

Well actually Katie proposed to Zach…. We had talked about how much we want to be together and knew we found the right person. We were invited on a ski trip to steamboat springs CO this past winter (Jan 2019) with Zach’s mom. We talked about how romantic it would be to be proposed to on the ski mountain! It was the perfect place. Then we joked about a little bet to see who would propose first! Katie didn’t like the idea of Zach asking for her hand. This lady didn’t need to be asked , her heart was made up. Fuck societal norms!

After mentioning the little bet; as a joke, Katie set to work finding a ring and dreaming of ways she would propose (hoping to make Zach cry! Lol). Zach was also preparing and actually tried to make a wooden ring to propose with, which ended up breaking right before the trip.  Zach’s mom knew Katie had plans at work and Katie made sure Zach’s mom was there to see her propose. No one else in the party knew.

She waited till the 3rd day when it was a beautiful sunny clear day outside. They had just eaten at the mountaintop restaurant/bar and went outside to get their gear on. Katie handed Zach’s mom her phone and asked to take a couple pictures of them on the mountain, which turned into Katie reaching into her coat and pulling out the ring and asking if she could spend the rest of her life with Zach!

It happened so fast! Zach didn’t cry, his mom and friends did though. It was perfect. Katie was so nervous, and afterward, we were both like jelly! (Not good for skiing) on cloud nine with happiness and on the ski lifts the rest of the day with giant smiles on our faces talking about our plans for the future! When we got back to the condo everyone cheered and we drank champagne in the hot tub! It was the most perfect proposal and trip! We will never forget it!



Echo Lake Engagement Session Franconia, NH


Use three words to describe your relationship

Nature, in tune, affection

These quality absolutely shone through their amazing Echo Lake engagement session.





What’s your common hobby or personalities

Gosh a lot! Canoeing, camping, skiing ,fishing, hiking, biking, scary movies and books, a love for the environment, and a love of dogs, sports, working out/just staying active, cooking and eating good food, (Zach is picky lol he won’t eat eggs or tomatoes lol but loves bread and ice cream and desserts!) traveling ( we haven’t done a lot of traveling together but I want to show him Montana and California and he wants to show me Alaska and Scotland!) gardening, we love board games like Catan, mahjong, cribbage, and dungeons and dragons. We are nerdy and sporty lol.  And we love learning new things.  No wonder this Echo Lake engagement session was perfect for this couple.


Haha Katie came up with: summer lovin’ but we can do better then that lol. Partners in crime: life, love, and outdoor adventures. Or “Love is better outside”