Engagement Session in Dunstable MA


I’m absolutely in love this dreamy engagement session in Dunstable MA where I live.  I moved here three summer ago.  It was a dramatic change for me and my family.  I used to live in a town about 20 minutes outside of Boston.  So everything was more convenient, such as dinning, shopping and on daily life.  And of course everything was a little bit more busy and hectic sometimes.  On the contrary, Dunstable is a very quaint town on the border with Nashua NH with a lot less population and more preserved land.

This is my third summer living here in Dunstable.  However, it is my first time spotted this beautiful dreamy yellow flower field on my way out of town.  We just started our first phase of COVID-19 re-opening and I couldn’t wait any longer to have a flower field engagement session because this is a rare find.  I just couldn’t miss this opportunity.  Andrea and Richard made this flower field engagement session in Dunstable even more dreamy and romantic.

Andrea had a perfect stylish hobo vibe long dress for this engagement session in Dunstable.  She was twirling, giggling and laughing in his arms.  They were running through this gorgeous flower field and dancing in this yellow clouds.  I could just feel their love for each other floating above.  I was so happy for them that they found their love and partner for life.

Congratulations to Andrea and Richard.  And thank you so much for making this engagement session in Dunstable flower field so perfect!!!


engagement session Dunstable MA


How did you two meet

We met in undergrad working for summer orientation. We worked together as Orientation Leaders and lived in the same dorm for the whole summer! Throughout the summer, we got to know each other really well and finally, Richard invited me to go on a motorcycle ride to watch the sunset at the beach. We walked out on the pier and as he leaned in to kiss, literal fireworks started going off in the sky (it wasn’t even the Fourth of July!).


What do you love about each other?

Richard loves how smart I am (his words, I promise!). He loves how good I am with kids, with his family, and how I always see the best in people. I love how kind Richard is, how he has mended the relationship between me and my family, and how he makes me feel like the only girl in any room we walk into. He’s also an incredible cook! We love how aligned we are spiritually, politically, and morally.


engagement session Dunstable MA


How did he propose?

During our alumni weekend reunion for our undergrad, we went to a brunch dedicated to former orientation staff. All of our friends and mentors have moved across the country and this was the first time we had come together in over 3 years. My mentor was handing out funny superlatives and finally, it was the last award for the night. She started reading the superlative, “And finally, the couple most likely to get married, Richard and Andrea!” I go up to accept the award, turn around to go back to my seat, and Richard was behind me down on one knee.


Use Three words to describe your relationship

Joyful, Inquisitive, and Understanding



What’s the common hobbies or personalities you share?

Hobbies: we love our dog! We have bonded immensely because of him. We enjoy collecting funny memes and videos and sharing them at bedtime. We enjoy hiking, roller blading, and being in the water. Personalities: We are both fierce believers in social justice. We are both laid back, hilarious, hard working, empathetic, and love to learn!


What do you like to do on your spare time?

We like to play with our dog, Mingo, work towards our financial goals, cook together, binge watch Netflix, and laugh A LOT.


If we are going to write a book about your love story, what title would it be?

Far Apart but Never in Heart


Anything else you’d like to add!!! Don’t be shy!

We always took our education very seriously. After a year and a half of dating, we decided to go to grad schools in different states. We knew long distance would be hard, but I don’t think either of us anticipated how hard it would actually be. We learned a lot about ourselves the 2 years we were long distance. We became independent adults during that time. It could have been so easy for us to grow apart rather than together.

But our communication and love kept us strong and when we graduated with our Masters and I joined him in Boston, we realized that our relationship was so much stronger and so much more loving because we made it through a tough 2 years. Now we’ve been living together for over a year and we are still learning new things about each other everyday.


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