sunrise engagement session in Ogunquit ME



Kait & Tyler’s Sunrise Engagement Session in Ogunquit, ME



This amazing sunrise engagement session in Ogunquit, ME was worth a trip.  I have to say it was not easy to get up at 4am and drive a little over one hour for a sunrise session.  We’ve planned this sunrise engagement session in Ogunaquit since Kait booked me during the winter.  I was excited and looking forward to it.  So I have no regrets.


My family and I have visited Ogunquit every summer.  We usually grab a lobster roll, ice-cream while window shopping in this little quaint popular town. But I’ve never been there so early in the morning.  I was not expecting very strong winds and waves that morning.  It looked a little cloudy when I got to the parking lot.  But the sun started to rise while we were walking on the cliff walk – Marginal  Way to find a perfect spot.  The golden sun was rising behind the clouds and started to sprinkle its magic on earth.  It was magical.


I wanted to capture that crushing wave close the Kait and Tyler during this sunrise engagement session in Ogunquit.  So they had to walk to the edge of the rocks as close as possible.  The rocks were wet and slippery with moss.  It was not easy.  But they did it.  And we got some amazing photos with crushing waves and golden sunrise.


We continued our engagement session at different spots in Ogunquit, the iconic bridge, the dock and the charm local shop area.  They had their twirls on the dock, the snuggles on the bridge and ended this sunrise engagement session in Ogunquit with a walk among the shops.



How did you meet


We met on Hinge January 2018 and instantly felt a connection. For the first six or seven months Tyler worked in Georgia during the weeks and was home on the weekends. I would pick him up from the airport on Friday nights. We found out that we’d actually been in the same building multiple times in high school at music competitions. We constantly found that even early on in our relationship we would always say something the other was thinking or complete each others sentences and we still do to this day



sunrise engagement session in Ogunquit ME sunrise engagement session in Ogunquit ME sunrise engagement session in Ogunquit ME sunrise engagement session in Ogunquit ME


How did he proposed


My favorite place is Nantucket. I vacationed there every summer. My aunt Sue lived on the island. He secretly got her help and we went there one weekend in September. It was his first time there. We showed him all around the island. In the evening my aunt had to go “check on something at work”. We were going to meet back at the beach for sunset(my idea).


We go to the beach and there is a picnic set up in the sand with rose petals and champagne and he proposed. My aunt and her husband had set everything up on the beach and had gotten her friends to film it. It was a good thing I didn’t see her friend up close because I knew her! I always say I had no idea because if I did I would have changed my clothes!





What do you love about each other

We love how caring and thoughtful we are about the other. Since the beginning of our relationship we’ve always talked in the we and our. Always thinking about ourselves as a unit together


Loving, Fun, Easy



We love to play golf or go to the driving range, spend time with family, go to the beach, Music, Golf ,Travel, Creative, Quiet



When you know you know

We can’t wait to be married and look for a house!