Do you want to be fully prepared for your wedding day and avoid or tackle some bumps and hiccups quickly?  Here are some tips helping you getting ready for your big day with less worries.

1. Skin Care:

Hydrate and rest well a few days before your wedding day.  I’m sure you don’t want to worry about chapped lips, dark circles or skin breakout.  Yes, the makeup artist can cover up some.  However, a perfect makeup would start with good skin care before hand.  So start to take care of your skin couple of months before wedding day.

Try not to stress out about wedding planning. Stress could cause even more skin problems before your wedding day.

2. Floral:

Ask your florist for some loose cut flowers and greenery for your bouquet or centerpiece.  They are perfect for some details shots.

Have your bouquet delivered to where you are getting ready, or for the first look, not to venue directly.  You will need your bouquet for details shots, wedding party portrait before ceremony.

3. Rings and Accessories:

Have all three rings with the bride, and a set of invitation with envelop and other accessories you will wear on your wedding day.  This way, we will be able to finish all detail shots before your ceremony. I will be photographing your rings and other details first when I get there while you are still getting hair and makeup done.

4. Heel Stopper

Prepare heel stoppers.  It helps avoiding your heels and all bridesmaids’ digging into the grass and mud. Save yourself some worries.

5. Emergency Kit

Your lip stick, facial blotting paper, deodorant, mint, bobby pins, safety pins, sewing kit, fashion tape, stain remover etc. It’s never wrong be to well prepared.

6. Extra Time

Give extra time for hair and makeup.  In most of cases, a bride is crunching for time before ceremony because the time for getting ready was underestimated.

Counting in extra 10-15 minutes on commute if getting ready or ceremony location is not as same as reception venue.

7. Bustling

Make sure to have a designated person for bustling and practice bustling couple of days before your wedding day. Don’t practice months before your wedding as they might forget how it goes.

8. Don’t Forget to Have Fun and Enjoy Your Big Day!

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