Engagement Session at Wingaersheek Beach


Summer Wingaersheek Beach Engagement Session in Gloucester, MA


I have been photographed a few Wingaersheek Beach engagement session in Gloucester, MA  since I started photography career.  I have to say that this beach never disappointed me so far.  Wingaersheek Beach has so many varieties to offer in terms of landscape and backdrop.


I started to love this beach when my younger daughter was a baby because Wingaersheek beach has extended shallow water which is perfect for families with young children.  It has beautiful tall grasses along the path towards the beach from parking lot.  The perfect sandy beach is soft for everyone’s feet.  And the sunset is always gorgeous on a beautiful day.  I was so excited for this particular Wingaersheek Beach engagement session because I couldn’t wait to photograph beautiful Gabrielle with her gorgeous curls.  Haha, that’s me, love the curls.  Maybe because I’m Asian with natural straight hair and the curls never looked right on me.  I just admire something I couldn’t have. LOL…



Engagement Session at Wingaersheek Beach Engagement Session at Wingaersheek Beach


Gabrielle and James are such a fun, playful and easy going couple.  We had so much fun on their Wingaersheek Beach engagement session.  It didn’t even feel like a photoshoot for sure.  And I could keep photographing them all day.Most importantly, we had a most gorgeous day for this Wingaersheek Beach engagement session.  When the sun was setting behind all the beach houses, the beautiful golden glow shone through the pine trees and sprinkled on her amazing curls.  That was exactly I was hoping for and was in my vision for this engagement session.  The gentle breeze picked up her perfect maxi dress and swept her hair across her face.  Everything worked perfectly.


Can you believe she got this beautiful cream maxi dress with red watercolor like floral prints from Amazon?  What a find!!!  She dressed just like she was in tropical Hawaii like she visioned for her 2022 wedding.

Engagement Session at Wingaersheek Beach


The main beach were pretty busy with all the beach lovers right after beaches were opened.  We moved on to the quieter side of the beach for rest of this Wingaersheek Beach engagement session.  Because after all, we were still in COVID pandemic.  It has some rocky area on this side of the beach and the rocks created a little quiet bay.  Suddenly it makes you feeling like on a excluded island, away from rest of the beach.


Gabrielle and James were such a trooper to try my ideas and balance them selves on a smaller rock for a epic shot.  They absolutely killed it!  At end of this engagement photo session, I really want them to enjoy this experience to the fullest.  So we decided to have some fun in the water.  Who doesn’t like some splash on the beach on a summer day, right?  That definitely led to a perfect ending on this perfect Wingaersheek Beach engagement session.



How did you meet

My fiancée and I at 16 years old travelled separately to Italy to pursue our individual pursuits of playing soccer for our country. We met during this amazing tournament and instantly fell in love only to realize we lived in the same part of the US as well. From that point on we’ve been best friends. We went to the same college and played on our college soccer teams and are now living in Boston whole I am in graduate school and he is coaching for a professional soccer organization.


How did he proposed

James proposed to me on the beach at sunset and we hope our wedding can be just as beautiful on the beach as well. We are high school sweethearts who are likely to elope to Hawaii (our favorite place in Maui) to cut down cost but we want a way to commemorate our marriage and photograph are one way we can remember these beautiful moments.

What do you like to do on your spare time

We love to travel and have visited many countries together but our favorite spots always have great beaches.



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